About AYAM

Who We Are

We are an open-hearted community bound together by love and a collective vision to co-create a New Earth. We choose to live in harmony with the Earth, with each other, and ourselves, in reverence for our elders and traditional wisdom. We are committed to living an awakened life of radical self-awareness, strength and humility, so that we can be of greatest service to the planet.

Rachael Sessions, a Shamanic Healer and Vocal Artist, is a female founder and visionary driving force of AYAM. She leads the AYAM shamanic community in offering spiritual retreats, transformational events, and one-on-one healing sessions (learn more about working with Rachael here).

Our History

AYAM is a play on words, it sounds like “I AM” which is a liberating and healing truth we are continuously remembering. AYAM is also the word MAYA spelled backwards. Maya means “illusion,” which with the Light of Love, brings us back to the Truth of who we Are.

The original seed for AYAM was planted in NY state, in 2012, where we continue to host regular events. Since then, AYAM has grown to connect with community live & virtually across the globe.

The sacred plants are weaving together a family of like-minded and like-hearted people committed to traditional ways of conscious living, plant medicines, and expansion of consciousness. Hosting various wisdom keepers, medicine carriers & teachers from around the world, we have grown together over the years to build a safe container for community, dedicated to living true to our Nature.

Over a decade observing the application of plant medicines in a modern set & setting, globally and within cities like NYC, Rachael Sessions & the AYAM community have created a system of support unique to the modern participant, which nourishes a strong foundation for the spiritual journeys & healthy growth beyond.

What We Do

We offer our community opportunities to learn & practice through workshops, classes, retreats, discussions and online forums, both in groups and one-on-one. These integration practices support the emergence of each individual’s unique gifts and capacities, within the supportive web of community. AYAM is committed to upholding an organizational body that is transparent, constantly changing, and an expression of our values.

We Offer:

  • Private Gatherings, Weekend Retreats in Upstate NY & Other Locations
  • Virtual (Global via Zoom) & Live Workshops (NYC): Hapé & Sananga Circle, Cacao & Ecstatic Dance, Voice Activations, and More!
  • Ceremony Integration Support Tools

How AYAM supports Integration:

  • Sharing Integration Tips and Tools
  • Sharing connections to a network of Resources & Support (i.e. natural healers, sweat lodges, yogis, mentors, coaches, psychotherapists etc)
  • Offering Preparation & Integration Conference Calls
  • Connecting you with the AYAM Community

Integrate the ceremony into your everyday life, connect with the community, and meet teachers & guides from around the world. Join us for virtual & live workshops, retreats and gatherings!

From Our Community

What does AYAM mean to you? How has AYAM impacted your life?

  • Place to grow and change, journey of transformation and creating a more spacious life.
  • Medicine of all kinds – mountains, earth, herbs.
  • Redefining “church” and “religion”, AYAM is knowing we have God Within.
  • Eye opening, heart opening.
  • AYAM is a Space to experience your life as a ceremony.
  • Safe. AYAM is you.
  • Great unveiling.