About AYAM Sanctuary

We are an open-hearted community bound together by love and a collective vision to co-create a New Earth. We choose to live in harmony with the Earth, with each other, and ourselves, in reverence for our elders and traditional wisdom. We are committed to living an awakened life of radical self-awareness, strength and humility, so that we can be of greatest service to the planet.

Rachael Sessions, a Shamanic Healer and Vocal Artist, is a female founder and visionary driving force of AYAM. She leads the AYAM shamanic community in offering spiritual retreats, transformational events, and one-on-one healing sessions (learn more about working with Rachael here).

ayam sanctuary

We are invited to expand our consciousness to reclaim the Truth of our souls as great beings of Light. Connect to all that is, remembering the Oneness that We are.

Honoring All of Life as Sacred.

Transmute with Prayer and Peace.

Aligned with Joy & Creativity.

AYAM Love, You ARE Love, We are One.

Our Offerings

Virtual Gatherings

Connect with our global community online. Join us for webinars, workshops, online concerts & more.

Community Wisdom

Tap into collective wisdom to inspire you along your journey. Join us for in-person retreats, meditations, and ceremonies.

Shamanic Shop

Bring ceremony into your life with artisanal shamanic crafts, apothecary allies and ceremonial tools.

Energy Healing

Receive holistic integration support in personalized sessions or packages

Featured Event

Hapé in your Heart: An At-Home Virtual Initiation

During this month-long series of Zoom ceremonies, we will journey with 4 different varieties of hapé while harnessing the power of the 4 cardinal directions, the 4 elements, and sacred sound. Ground, heal, and empower yourself with this Indigenous medicine, grow in right-relationship, and master the basics of self-administration.