Ceremony & Session Testimonials

“Rachael is a beautifully empathetic, supportive, effortlessly strong leader allowing for both levity and gravity at the right moments. Her insight, wisdom, and experience guide the ceremonies and the entirety of the retreat with such a deft hand. The whole process was both profound and so enjoyable… The musical offerings that Rachael and other leaders made were exquisitely beautiful and the whole ceremony oscillated between silence and music flawlessly. The integration process afterwards was extensive and not at all rushed—each individual was cared for deeply… My retreat and ceremony with Rachael was among the most beautiful and powerful and revelatory experiences of my entire life. And, she has continued to be there for me to support me afterwards.” -Phil S., Jan 2020

“Rachael was a source of higher guidance and clarity to turn all of these emotions into lessons and then into breakthroughs to continue on in my journey in the most aligned way. With Rachael’s guidance I was able to quickly work through the pain and use these instances for the blessings and pivots that they were intended to be to get my life on a better track. … Rachael called in spirit guides and angels to clear out all of the emotional ties and connections that were based off of lies so that all that was left was love. This one was a huge shift for me, I honestly felt like a new person, like my DNA was rewired and the healing was really done. Now I am in a much better place to continue on my upward journey. … Rachael was always able to offer advice from the highest form of love and spirit guides that know me best- what better guidance could I ask for!” -Kaitlyn Emery June 24, 2020

“The AYAM Experience is truly wonderful. Rachael and her team bring so much love and compassion to hosting ceremony and creating space for us to find ourselves. They combine this with a deep respect for tradition. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of purpose and love in your heart.” -Azeem M., Jan 2020

“I’ve attended two of Rachael’s AYAM retreats. I had no idea what [this medicine] was or what to expect from the experience. From the orientation process to the actual start of the weekend retreats, Rachael and her team were extremely professional and attentive to everyone’s needs. Her commitment to providing a safe, meaningful and comfortable experience really helped to calm my anxiety. I would recommend Rachael’s retreats to anyone who is interested in finding a deeper connection to self in a setting that provides a variety of insightful activities and conversations for inner growth. It’s all love!” -Aliyah R., Jan 2020

“I bought a package of breakthrough sessions with Rachael. So far I’ve had one session via phone and already I feel more clarity and calmness in my journey. I am looking forward to the next one.” -Linda Valentin

“I’m so grateful for the kindness and love that you showed me during an extremely difficult and painful time in my life. I have made significant progress in many areas and feel empowered to be a force for change in the world…I thank you so much for being such a beautiful light in the world.” -Frank

“Life changing. Like being born again.”

Music Testimonials

“Rachael’s singing stirred my soul to pleasant bliss during my first ceremony. I still hear her during my meditations. Aho!!” -Keith Cunningham Jr.

“This Ceremony was more enlightening than ones I experienced in the Amazon…most beautiful Icaros I ever heard.” – Bob G.

“Rachael’s songs speak to my soul. I can be totally transformed by her beautiful voice, feeling calm and joyful and full of love after listening. So grateful to hear an angel sing!” -Shale M.

“Thank you so much for producing such beautiful versions of all these songs. Many of them I know well from working in ceremony for the last 12 years … and some of them I sing myself. But your versions are so fresh and heart-centered.” -Andy, Queensland, AU