Hapé in your Heart: An At-Home Virtual Initiation

Sep 22, 2020 | AYAM Events

During this month-long series of Zoom ceremonies, we will journey with 4 different varieties of hapé while harnessing the power of the 4 cardinal directions, the 4 elements, and sacred sound. Ground, heal, and empower yourself with this Indigenous medicine, grow in right-relationship, and master the basics of self-administration.

4-week series of Zoom ceremonies guided by Rachael Sessions

DATE & TIME: Fall 2020 (to be announced)
ENERGY EXCHANGE: $111 for four sessions & recordings

If you are opening to a deeper connection with plant teachers, to meditation, are a beginner to hapé, or someone walking the path for years, this workshop is an opportunity for you.  Take the space you need to connect and learn from this wonderful and profound medicine, in the container of loving family, from the comfort of your home and your heart.

This series of four virtual ceremonies will begin __tba__. The live gatherings will be from __tba__, and recordings will also be available to registered participants.

During these four sessions we will also share:

  • discussions about hapé, its origins, its applications, right relationship, Q&A
  • collective prayer, meditation, song and pranayama
  • guided personal rapé application
  • healing sound bath & live medicine music
  • group sharing circle

In our fourth session, there will also be guidance for the shared personal application of sananga eye drops. For more information on sananga, click here. (AYAM Apothecary Sananga is also available for purchase in the market).

Hapé in your Heart: An At-Home Virtual Initiation

We are invited to expand our consciousness to reclaim the Truth of our souls as great beings of Light. Connect to all that is, remembering the Oneness that We are.

Honoring All of Life as Sacred.

Transmute with Prayer and Peace.

Aligned with Joy & Creativity.

AYAM Love, You ARE Love, We are One.