AYAM Vision Collage by Ilsen Noriega

Jul 8, 2020 | Art, AYAM Online Magazine

AYAM Vision Collage by Ilsen Noriega

Mama Aya is waiting for us, I can see it and I can feel it. Regardless of the amount of time it will take us to get there, she is ready to receive us in our future home.

Ilsen Noriega

When I thought of a way to share my vision of AYAM, i found it very challenging because it was hard to put it into words. When closing my eyes I could completely see the vision, but it was difficult to express these emotions in sentences. I knew a collage would be the best way to represent what I had in mind. With a few images, I was able to recreate the vision I imagined. At the time of creating this image, I was also rediscovering my love for collages, and it clicked! I felt myself flowing with this creative energy that took me through this magical world.

I made sure to add everything the AYAM community needs, from a space for ceremony to what will be the permanent home for Rachael and her beautiful family. I was reminded by the plant medicine to surround this space with the most beautiful nature, to help and heal the community.

by Ilsen Noriega

We are invited to expand our consciousness to reclaim the Truth of our souls as great beings of Light. Connect to all that is, remembering the Oneness that We are.

Honoring All of Life as Sacred.

Transmute with Prayer and Peace.

Aligned with Joy & Creativity.

AYAM Love, You ARE Love, We are One.