Shamanic Healing:
Shamanism as a practice is unbound by religion, geographic location, time, or space.  It is as vast and as infinite as the realm of consciousness itself.  It's practices invite us to return to that space of infinite possibility, free from space-time, where all beings in all forms reside and await our return.  It is in this realm of non-ordinary reality that the shaman journeys, gathering and collecting information, guidance and messages from benevolent guides: angelic, animal, ancestral, from the elements, and from the wells of our very own consciousness.  Once collected and returned, these messages can be applied to our everyday reality to bring healing, deep integration and wholeness to our experience of life.

Shamanic Practices Offered: 
Soul Retrieval; 
Power Animal Recovery; 
Guided Wisdom Journeys; 
Elemental Healing; 
DNA Restoration: Restore Angelic DNA ; 


Soul Retrieval:

Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice used to mend the fragmented self and return the individual to their natural state of connectedness and vitality.  It is believed that through traumatic experience we split off parts of our selves: our essence, life force, the part of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving.  This protects us from feeling the full brunt of the pain, and we thus learn to survive.

The types of trauma that could cause soul loss in our culture would be any kind of abuse: sexual, physical, or emotional. Other causes could be an accident, being in a war, being a victim of a terrorist act, acting against our morals, being in a natural disaster (a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.), surgery, addictions, divorce, or death of a loved one.
Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss.

Power Animal:

It is said that we are all born into this world with a team of benevolent spirits, many of which are animals, but could also be plants, elements, angels, ancestors, etc.  Many of us have also been disconnected from these guiding spirits and thus feel lost, alone, fearful and disempowered.  By retrieving and reconnecting to these spirits through shamanic journeying, we return to an empowered and guided state of being.


Treat problems that are negatively impacting the body and mind.  Remove harmful energies.


Understand and interpret Nature's signs and omens.

Elemental Healing:

Recognize the pathways to communicating with the elemental kingdom.

DNA Restoration: 

Healing human DNA and restoring angelic DNA in order to return to our original blueprint.


A powerful technique involving a guide, whose primary function is to escort souls to the afterlife.

Natural Body Care Remedies:
Using organic plants, herbs, & oils Rachael formulates healing remedies for skin-care, relaxation, immune support & more! Basic products available as well as custom formulations.

ex. Coffee & Cacao Sugar Scrub; Blossoming Bath Flowers; Stay Young Whipped Body Butter; Luscious Lip Balms; Release Me Healing Salve; Immune Support Syrup; Osha Cough Syrup

The BodyTalk System is a unique healing modality that addresses the body in an integrative, holistic, and non-invasive way. The role of the BodyTalk Practitioner is to discover the individual's priorities in the healing process, in other words, where communication within the body's systems can be increased in order to reinstate the natural healing process and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit.

We all experience stress. In fact, it is the number one cause of disease in the world today because it interferes with the natural communication of the body. In BodyTalk, we seek to support the body's inherent ability to heal itself through safe and effective tapping techniques, which encourage balance within the brain and the restoration of communication within the body. These techniques will enhance overall functioning and well-being, allowing the client to live to their highest potential every day.

The power of BodyTalk can aid all your healthcare needs from chronic pain, disease, or acute injury to depression, insomnia, or emotional strain.

Conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk:
Allergies, Headaches/Migraines, Back Pain, Prenatal Care, Depression, Sports Performance, Fatigue, Insomnia, Arthritis, Digestive Disorders, Phobias & Emotional Disturbances, Viruses & Infections, Stress/Anxiety, Recovery after Injuries/Traumas, Preparation for/Recovery after Surgery


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of hands-on healing that balances and strengthens the energy field that surrounds and gives life to our bodies. The Reiki Practitioner serves as a vessel of healing, or of 'Source,' energy, which they direct with positive intention into the body with their hands. By focusing on the main energy centers of the body, as well as on areas of reduced energy flow, Reiki helps facilitate an interactive flow between the endocrine system, the organs and other internal systems, and the energetic body—replenishing life-force energy. This healing, in turn, is reflected on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

A recipient of Reiki will leave a session feeling replenished, tranquil, grounded and whole. In addition to strengthening of the immune system, Reiki may lower blood pressure, reduce pain and help alleviate stress.

The potential of Reiki healing is only limited by one's imagination—Reiki can be applied not only for individual healing, but also to situations and circumstances and specific events. Both in-person and distance sessions available.

Reiki Attunements:
Available for those who desire to be attuned to the healing vibration of Reiki, to self-heal and to share with others.
Basic training and demonstration of techniques provided.

Level 1-4.

Skills & Techniques

This is a comprehensive list of the modalities & techniques Rachael offers in her sessions.  By allowing the priorities of the present moment arise and inform the session, these practices are combined & synthesized organically to provide the deepest and most holistic results.

For more information on a specific technique see below.

Reiki Master Teacher: Hands-On and Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

     Reiki Attunements, Levels 1-4

BodyTalk Practitioner

Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga Instructor

Shamanic Practitioner:
     Soul Retrieval

     Power Animal Recovery

     Guided Wisdom Journeys

     Elemental Healing

     DNA Restoration: Restore Angelic DNA

Alchemist of Natural Body Care Products and Remedies

Sonadora ~ Sound Healing
     Carrier of Sacred Healing Songs/Icaros
     Drum & Percussion

Weaver & Body Temple Adornment
     Ojos de Dios
     Custom Medicine Pouches
     Jewelry made with semi-precious stones and feathers

Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching

Women's Wisdom Guide : Hormonal Health, Yoni Health, Menstrual Cycles, Sacred Sexuality, Loving your Body Temple