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Rachael Rios Sessions

Rachael has an abundant passion for life.

It is with this passion, the highest intentions and a holistic perspective of the individual and healthcare, that she practices energy healing & facilitates sacred medicine.  

With compassion, wisdom and intuition, Rachael guides her clients along their journey of healing and self-empowerment by exploring the individual's priorities, listening and implementing practiced techniques to restore balance and a sense of radiant health.

Rachael, a graduate of NYU, specializes in mind-body, energy, and spiritual therapies and is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, BodyTalk Practitioner, and in Vinyasa Yoga.   She uses these practices, blended with Shamanism, Sound Healing & a background in Psychology, Social Work, and Nutrition to address the root cause of symptoms and offer hands-on, motivating healing and guidance that is applicable to everyday life and relationships.  

Clients will experience pain relief, reduced stress and anxiety, a deep sense of relaxation, as well as more ease and clarity when handling life's challenges.  Balancing the body's energy systems will also strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and support a general sense of well-being.

Rachael will excite and inspire you to ignite your highest potential, pursue your dreams, overcome barriers, and become your most luminous self.

I met Rachael during a healing retreat in Toronto almost 2 years ago. It was experience that changed my life. I no longer wonder who or what I am, I KNOW. Thank you Rachael. I will never forget you and Ramon.



"We are able to expand our consciousness and reclaim the Truth of our souls as great beings of Light.  We are invited to connect to all that is and remember the Oneness that We are.

AYAM Love, U ARE Love & We are One."

AYAM is a community devoted to all that you are…the infinite potential, the Oneness, the Medicine within.

AYAM is dedicated to spiritual development…remembering who you are, forgetting who you are not…and coming together in community to build lives we are HAPPY to lead.  We believe in LOVE, in JOY, and in Ourselves.

We will offer our community opportunities to learn and to teach through workshops, classes, retreats, discussions and online forums. This is a place to share, to discover, to grow, and to fly.

What inspired AYAM?

AYAM is a play on words, it sounds like "I AM" which is the ultimate truth we are constantly re-remembering.  AYAM is also the word MAYA spelled backwards.  Maya means "illusion," which when turned on it's head brings us back to the truth of who we are.

Client Testimonials


Rachael is available to address all your healthcare needs, from chronic pain, disease and acute injury to depression, insomnia and emotional strain. Methods and techniques are pain- and drug-free.

(Both in-person and distance sessions available)

I'm so grateful for the kindness and love that you showed me during an extremely difficult and painful time in my life. I have made significant progress in many areas and feel empowered to be a force for change in the world...
I thank you so much for being such a beautiful light in the world.


Life changing. Like being born again.