August 30, 2016

8:45PM EST

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Personalized Healing Sessions

Activate your highest potential with the precise application of Rachael's unique synthesis of healing modalities from around the world.  Receive tools & techniques to carry you through your everyday journey & challenges.

Shamanic Art, Tools & Products

Bring the medicine of these handmade artisanal crafts & tools into your home and onto your body temple! Find beaded jewelry, altar cloths, ceremonial clothing, rattles, and hand-crafted body products all crafted to potentiate your inner power.

Give up the endless internet and YouTube search on Ayahuasca! 

Get valuable information from an experienced facilitator to answer all

your questions about the medicine and

healing ceremonies!

Plant Medicines & Ceremonies

You are invited to learn more about sacred plant medicines, utilized & practiced by indigenous world journey deep within yourself & recover the wisdom you've always carried...To lift the veil and awaken to your true divine nature!

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